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Stan Scislowski

Perth Regiment of Canada, 11th Infantry Brigade

of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division


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Image of Stan Scislowski. Photo shows Stan's son, Jerry on left, Stan's nephew, Fred in center and Stan on right.


Not All of Us Were Brave

About the Author: Stanley Scislowski

Unit served in: Perth Regiment of Canada, 11th Infantry Brigade of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division.

Mr. Scislowski served in Canada, the U.K. and Italy.

Mr. Scislowski claims that he received no citations for bravery. He earned the Canadian Voluntary Service medal; the Defence of Britain medal; the 1939/45 Star for 6 months or over in a war theater; the Italy Star for service in that campaign; the Victory medal.

In his opinion -- Where we Canadians once looked and scoffed at the Yanks før their proliferation of medal handouts, now I've come to the conclusion, that might have been so, but our people were too damn stingy, and if I had enough info on the subject I'd write a scathing rebuke of what it was all about.

Theater of Operations: Mediterranean.

Stan Scislowski was born on Sept.14, 1923.

Stan's father, was Victor Scislowski who died in 1932. His mother, Tekla, emigrated to Canada (Montreal) from Poland in 1912 where she met and married John Hatrycz and had three offspring from that marriage. Her 1st husband, John, died in the 1918 world flu epidemic. After marrying Mr. Scislowski in Montreal, she had a daughter and then subsequently moved to Windsor, Ontario where she bore three more children.

Stan's family: Peter Hedgewick, Michael Hedgewick, Anna Hatrycz (confused? When the children registered for school in Montreal, the registrar must have not understood the pronunciation of their name and it was entered as Hedgewick. The oldest in the family, Anna, kept her real name. Peter, the next oldest, and Mike kept the misnamed Hedgewick which they made legal much later on.)

The four Scislowski children, in order of birth, were Olga, Joe, Stanley, and Theodore (Teddy). Stan was the only one who saw action in World War II. Peter served for one mandatory month in 1939; Mike served on shore duty in Halifax as a welder, and as a football player (halfback) on the Navy team. He was one of Canada's top halfbacks in 1937, and was the Dominion of Canada scoring champ that year.

Joe was deferred from service because of of his trade as a toolmaker.

Teddy was too young to serve.

Stanley married Joyce Elaine Barnes in Windsor, Ontario 1950 and together they raised six children, four girls and two boys. Joyce passed away suddenly last April at 69 years.

In 1950 Stan, his brother Joe, and his brother-in-law Leo Horodyski went into the Electroplating business. They sold it in 1980s to an American Company out of Buffalo, NY. He was the key man in the deal because of his being the plant chemist. Stan stayed with them for six years until retirement.

After retirement Stan wrote monthly feature Articles (free-lance) for two years for the American based magazine "METAL FINISHING". He also wrote several articles for "PLATING & SURFACE FINISHING" and was Secretary/ Treasurer of the Western Ontario Branch of the American Electroplating Society for 22 years. He finished off his last two years of membership as the President. He was invited by the Communist Chinese government about 10 years ago, when the China was almost a closed society, to a completely-paid-for visit to the country to tour their heavy truck plants to show them what they might be doing wrong. He declined in a face-saving way.

Stan published his first book in October 1997 entitled: Not All of Us Were Brave published in October 1997 by Dundurn Press. His book traces his experiences during World War II and contains 400 pages, along with some 20 illustrations. As of this writing, Stan is currently working on his latest book which deals with the subject of his "Pilgrimage to Italy".

Currently Stanley Scislowski resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


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Stans friend: Bill Greaves "Battle of Verrieres Ridge"

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Original Story from messages received on 11 February 2002.

Material originally submitted on: 25 February 2002.


The following exerpts dealing with Mr. Scislowski's service in World War II were written and contributed by Mr. Stan Scislowski, who served with the Perth Regiment of Canada, 11th Infantry Brigade of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division. This moving story is a part of his published work entitled: Not All of Us Were Brave which was published by Dundurn Press.

Would you care to read more tales of World War II written by Mr. Stan Scislowski? His work is featured on a website devoted to the Perth Regiment of Canada. Check out this very interesting website and while you are there look at Stan's Corner .

We at World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words wish to offer our profound "Thanks" for the excellent material contributed by Mr. Stan Scislowski.


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